Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making progress

Construction on our new church is coming along nicely! Conrad Liebenow, our chairperson, has put together a graphic schedule of when each phase of the project will be completed, and has also included a number of photos from the construction process thus far. All of this is at the Parish House, for your viewing pleasure.

We'll be posting Conrad's photos on our blog soon, so that you can see how far along the building has come. The sitework and drainage channels are complete. The foundation has been poured, insulated, and dressed with stone. The floor system, trusses, and walls will go up in the next couple of weeks, so very soon, you'll be able to see the progress from Route 9. Now that the foundation is set and backfilled, Kent Hicks and his crew will be able to continue their work into the winter, getting the structure closed in so that work on the inside of the building can continue.

Stay tuned for more frequent construction updates in the new year!


  1. May I ask how things are going? I hope the new church is rising from the ashes and the community is excited about its return.

  2. Hi, Rod!
    Thanks for checking in. We've made quite a lot of progress; this blog isn't updated as frequently as our Facebook page is. You may want to check out some of the photos there (see the link in the post above).

    All the best,
    The BC