Sunday, December 12, 2010

Notes from 12.8.10

The building committee met on December 8th and would like to share the following notes with congregation:
~ Although we originally thought that we needed to have a building plan in place by the first anniversary of the fire, that appears to not be the case. We will let everyone know when we have a new target date for plans.
~ The committee agreed to hire a geotechnical engineer (Dan Luks of Ballston Spa, NY) to perform a site study for the foundation of the new church. The committee also agreed on the importance of consulting with an acoustic engineer about the interior of the new church. We will also continue to consult with surveyor Rich Roberge regarding the church's property boundaries.
~ After evaluating several plans for different pew configurations and gathering feedback from the congregation, the committee has come to a consensus on one of them. (see photo)
~ In an effort to keep with the congregation's desire to have the exterior of the new church look as much as possible like the exterior of the old church, the committee is inclined to have Bruce draft provisional plans that call for three windows on both the east and west sides of the church.
~ After briefly considering the idea of including a small balcony in the new church, the committee came to the consensus that the extra expense could not be justified for the small number of seats that would be gained.

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