Sunday, December 12, 2010

Progress photos

Here are a few drawings from Bruce Wood, our architect, and a model of the potential pew configuration. These are all on display at the Parish House, so check them out if you like!


  1. Please try to post a comment, so we can make sure this function is working! Thanks.

  2. OK, so it worked, but there are far too many steps (using a google account) and I bet there are plenty of people in the congregation who wouldn't know how to move through the process or don't have one of the necessary accounts. Isn't there a more direct format?

  3. I like the idea of the second approach too

  4. Hi, Cherylann!
    I've changed the settings on this, so that people don't need to sign in with a Google account (or any account in particular). Anyone should be able to post a comment. Simply select "anonymous" in the "Comment as:" drop-down menu after you type your message into the "Post a comment" box.

    Let me know if anyone is still having a problem! Thanks, Carleen