Thursday, January 20, 2011

Highlights from the meeting on 1/19

The Building Committee met on January 19th and discussed the feedback we received from the January 9th meeting with the congregation. Much of our meeting was devoted to reviewing our notes from that discussion, gathering impressions from the committee members about different points of view that were brought forward, and determining a path for moving forward with the design. Bruce had spent some time developing new models that incorporate suggestions from the congregation, and after reviewing them, we decided that we should continue the discussion with the congregation on January 23 after church to gather more input before beginning to finalize the design.

We also discussed the front and back boundary issues. Steve is meeting with a land lawyer to begin resolving these issues.

Conrad and Bruce met with the candidates for the general contractor; that selection will be made soon.

Wil Hastings attended the meeting and reported that, after much wrangling, Merrimac (our insurance company) has agreed to pay the church the full value of our policy. Good news! Thanks to everyone who was involved in that process!

Our next meeting will be held on February 2nd at 7pm, location to be determined.

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  1. Can photos of the "new" second center aisle floor plan option shown at this past Sunday's talk with Bruce be posted on the blog?

    John P.