Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Pews


  1. greetings all - my thoughts on the pew configuration: i would prefer the three pew arrangement for the possibilities it allows in using the space - whether it's forming a smaller circle during communion, or allowing for more movement and flow of bodies (i'm specifically recalling the palm sunday where steve re-enacted christ riding his donkey into jerusalem - steve of course played the ass :)

    - chris galanis
    best wishes for the new year, and often thinking of you all from my new home in new mexico

  2. I prefer the two isles, as we had in the church previously.

    As one who sat next to the window every Sunday I was there, the ability to do so was an important part of my Sunday spiritual experience. My experience was made up of the words from Steve, to the simplicity of the space, to feeling community and to the connection of the outdoors where the outside felt as if it was in and as if the inside felt as if it were outside, with the importance of each element differing from Sunday to Sunday.

    The old pew format allowed for different experiences within the same space – as if separate microzones. One could be close to others or be apart, while still being among others, but not removed – both providing community.

    I feel that the proposed side isle would change the experience in the church in two ways. First, the side isles with center isle configuration, being three isles, would decrease the seating space in the sloped-floor area pew space, resulting in people having less space and opportunity to be apart from others. Secondly, the two side isles along the walls create a physical barrier to the outdoors. In order to take in the outdoors in the way that one could previously, one would really need to turn to the windows.

    The options report showed that the church's windows were extremely important for many people. The windows were mentioned for multiple reasons, the way they let the light in and for allowing one to look out the windows.

    With our congregation’s eclectic experiences of what church is, I think most people would agree that the church building did and will serve our community as sanctuary to many different people in many different ways, all within the same service.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment -- I prefer the two isle as we had.